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Complete Moving Checklist From The People That Do It Every Day

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You have already found your new home, and now here’s the hard part—moving. With proper planning, however, you may even find yourself enjoying the process! We have created a complete moving checklist to help you have a smoother and happier transition. Let’s dive in:

8 weeks before moving

Two months until the big day. Here is what should be on your to-do list:

Plan the layout of furniture and storage in your new home

When you move to a new home, measure your furniture and rooms carefully. Sort through your belongings and inventory them for the move. Take photos of your items for protection. These steps will make your move easier.

 Organize your checklist for moving and print it out

To ensure a smooth relocation process, establish a centralized system to manage essential documents. Create a Google document or moving binder to organize receipts, papers, records, and contact lists. Keep track of appointments and milestones for logistical aspects. When evaluating moving companies, record estimates and services offered. Create a moving checklist and print it for quick reference. These systematic approaches help manage the complexities of the move.

6 weeks before you move

You now know the items you do and don’t want to keep. What next?

Shop for packing materials

Start gathering packing supplies. Moving companies may have various packing materials. Pack N Move provides a range of moving boxes, mattress and furniture covers, paper pads, and fragile item packaging, among other options.

Pack your first boxes

Meticulously organize your items for a smooth transition. Separate objects that can be packed immediately from those that can wait. Pack non-essential goods first and sell or donate what you don’t need. Use services like Pack N Move to get rid of unneeded items. Arrange and limit your belongings to make relocation easier.

Research movers

Understand your needs before hiring a moving company. Consider dates, size, and specialty. Explain your requirements. Stick to broad standards for vehicle size. Do research. Examine evaluations and ask for referrals. Investigate potential moving firms’ websites. Evaluate services, pricing, and suitability. Consider license, insurance, and accreditation. Make an informed decision. Find a provider that suits your requirements.

4 weeks before moving

  1. Shop for necessary items for your new home before moving.
  2. Compare quotes from three different moving companies.
  3. Find a balance between affordability and good service.
  4. Give a general moving inventory to get an accurate quote and book your moving date.
  5. Contact your utility providers to arrange services at your new home. This will ensure a smooth transition and hassle-free moving experience.

2 weeks before moving

  1. Update your address with relevant businesses, including financial institutions and insurance companies.
  2. Register your forwarding address with the United States Postal Service.
  3. Cancel local memberships or subscriptions that won’t be needed after the move.
  4. Schedule a visit with your doctor to refill prescriptions.
  5. Confirm crucial moving dates with your chosen moving company.
  6. Consider organizing a moving party and invite your friends.
  7. Pack and label your belongings diligently.
  8. Leave out essential items for the last few days before the move.
  9. Have a clear plan for meals.
  10. Be well-prepared for your move, both logistically and socially.

A week before moving

  1. Disassemble furniture and make repairs to improve your home’s appeal or secure your security deposit.
  2.  Family members should pack suitcases and have overnight bags with essential items.
  3. Keep cash on hand for unexpected emergencies during the move.

It’s moving day!

The day is finally here!

  1. Wake up early.
  2. Clear a path to avoid accidents when moving.
  3. Photograph your vacant home to verify you left it clean.
  4. To hold movers accountable for missing items, request their inventory list.
  5. If you want to, give water or snacks or a tip for good service.

After moving

You are finally in your new home. The hassle is over…or is it? There’s still some polishing up to do.

  1. Change the locks to your new home! You don’t know how many people may have access.
  2. Prepare some spare keys for every family member.
  3. Start unpacking and arranging stuff in your new home.
  4. Start planning a housewarming party which you can hold about 2 weeks after moving.
  5. Keep your moving binder safely stored. You may need to refer to it the next time you’ll be moving.
  6. Moving company review. Leave a review to thank your movers and help others find the same service.

The moving process is not stressful. Do you want a detailed moving checklist? This moving guide will help you transition smoothly from your old home to your new home.

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