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Being a Mover Is Much More Than Just Moving Furniture.

We tell many of the clients of Pack N Move, that a furniture mover does not only move furniture and this is only a part of their job description. The majority of them are employed by moving and storage companies, and will often deal with a whole home’s worth of furniture, appliances, bags, and boxes. While they will come and relocate a single item, like a piano or a billiard table from the upper floor to a basement, the biggest part of their job also revolves around packing, inventory, loading, transporting, and then unloading all of your worldly possessions. Which makes this job neither easy or simple.

Before movers will lift a single item, they will first perform a walkthrough of your home and apply numbered stickers to every box, appliance, and furniture piece. After which all of these items are documented on an inventory list. And they will keep a copy, and the other one will be given to their customer. Once their customer has reviewed this and signs off on it, only then will the moving process start. With many cases, when the customer has paid for extra services, the movers will need to come and pack the boxes themselves, plus, carefully pad every item in order to prevent any breakages.

Then the moving will start. The furniture mover will wrap thick blankets around any items which could be either scratched or scraped while in transit. All items will then be put on their truck, and securely tied and strapped so they do not move in transit. In some cases, the furniture mover is also the truck driver and will transport your goods either across the street, across town, or even across the country. Once they have arrived at their final destination, they will then proceed to unload the truck and carry everything into your new abode.

So now you know what exactly is involved when hiring professional movers. If you live in Visalia, CA and would like to find out about our services and rates. Please do not hesitate to call us today at (559) 202-0671, and leave the hard work to the professionals.

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