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Moving within your local area can be challenging, but when it’s time for a big move to a faraway place, the stress and planning can become overwhelming. At Pack N Move, we take pride in offering a complete moving service with various options for people and businesses all across California. Unlike some other long distance moving companies, we offer a special kind of service – we provide a dedicated truck and crew just for your move. We don’t mix your move with others (one truck for one load). This means our customers can feel confident that they’re getting professional and exclusive assistance.


Embarking on a journey to a new destination can trigger stress, particularly when dealing with a long-distance move. The concept of boxing up all your belongings, loading them onto a truck, and traversing vast distances might seem overwhelming. Thankfully, there’s a solution: enlist the help of specialized long-distance moving services.

If you’re currently strategizing a long-distance move, it’s crucial to opt for a reliable long-distance moving company. Consider  Pack N Move, we are a distinguished moving company in Visalia, which brings years of industry experience and a proven record of accomplishments. 

We got your Moving Needs!

As a reliable interstate mover in the Visalia, CA region, we will take care of all the heavy labor for you. Our team consists of experienced specialists who will disassemble your large furniture and assemble them again when they are unloaded into your new home. We always pay extra caution to such long-distance moves to ensure our clients’ comfort and peace of mind. Our company is insured, so your belongings will be insured during the move too. That means less worry and more security for you. When our crew plans the exact time of your relocation, the whole project will be less expensive.



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A long-distance move typically involves relocating to a new city or state, often beyond a 50-mile radius from your current location.

Planning a long-distance move 2-3 months ahead is advisable. This allows ample time for preparation, scheduling, and securing your moving date.

Distance, volume of belongings, additional services (packing, storage, etc.), and any special requirements can influence the cost of a long-distance move.

The duration of a long-distance move depends on the distance, route, and any potential delays. On average, it might take a few days to a week.

It’s advisable to be present during both the loading and unloading processes to ensure items are handled correctly and placed in the right locations.

Maintain open communication with your chosen moving company. They can help address any unexpected challenges or adjustments that may arise.

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